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Struggling to be heard online?
Our targeted digital
marketing strategies will help you reach the right audience with impactful stories

We drive engagement that fosters connections and inspires action, turning supporters into advocates

Nurture lasting relationships with your community: expand your reach/impact through personalized outreach and data-driven insights

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“We are so deeply appreciative of the work that Data Genomix has done on behalf of our organization. Your efforts are truly felt; our events are selling out, and you are having a major impact on our museum.”

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“Through an intimate understanding of the museum's audience, enhanced with intelligent, sophisticated reporting, Data Genomix was able to successfully amplify traffic to our website, and the museum was able to see a remarkable uptick in ticket sales.”

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“Data Genomix developed and launched the website and ad creative within 72 hours of our engagement. The team was quickly able to create 28 unique ads per legislator to maximize ad placements, ensuring the messaging would be visible across all channels and apps, on mobile and desktop.”

five stars

“Data Genomix's solution continually drives unparalleled results. Last year, the Google Ads CTR was 12.84%, which is 305% above Google’s average CTR of 3.17%. This year, it was 22.35%, which is 605% above Google’s average. This increase in metrics is all due to a multi-channel approach and smart decision-making fueled by experience and expertise.”

How Data Genomix works

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We listen to your goals and understand your unique audience

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We craft a data-driven plan to reach the right people with the right message

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We develop compelling content that resonates with your audience and inspires action

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We continuously monitor and refine your campaigns for maximum impact

Case studies

Our data-driven approach crafts stories that resonate & inspire action.
Get beyond vanity metrics & build a loyal community of supporters

President Lincoln’s Cottage


  • President Lincoln’s Cottage, 
a historic site and museum, faced marketing challenges with a small budget

  • As a unique not-for-profit museum without government funding, it relied on donations and ticket sales


  • Utilized Google Ad Grant for free advertising, securing $130k+ to date and $100k+ in 2023

  • Achieved a 166% above-average click-through rate with smart management of ad grant funds

  • Successfully increased brand and event awareness, supporting on-site visits and ticket sales

  • Implemented paid social ads with a 4.27% click-through rate, 78% above the industry average

  • Transformed the museum's annual marketing budget with a monthly ad grant spend of $10,200.

  • Data Genomix's digital marketing strategies significantly elevated President Lincoln’s Cottage’s impact.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History


  • Heavy reliance on traditional marketing for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

  • Needed to transition from traditional advertising to innovative digital channels.


  • Goal: Increase brand awareness, website traffic, and drive more visits and ticket sales.


  • Utilized Google Ad Grant, delivering over $23.4K in free advertising dollars.

  • META ads on Facebook and Instagram achieved over 7 million impressions with lower CPM.

  • META ads had a 2.15% CTR (2.3 times higher than the platform’s average) and a $0.16 CPC (90% lower than the average).

  • Google search campaigns served 75K impressions with a 19.87% CTR (6.72 times higher than the platform’s average) and a $1.51 CPC (44% lower than the average).

  • Implemented conversion funnel reporting to analyze digital journey and optimize campaigns.

  • Identified drop-off points in summer camp registration, leading to adjustments in messaging and targeting.

  • Achieved remarkable uptick in ticket sales and amplified traffic to the museum's website.

Health Action Council


  • Ineffective results from previous digital and social media advertising efforts for the "Find the Right Care" campaign.

  • Overemphasis on Facebook ads and failure to target individuals actively in need of the symptom checker tool.

  • Lack of targeting for individuals with data matching those likely to visit the ER instead of primary care or local pharmacies.


Meta Ads:
  • 87% increase in clicks.

  • 255% increase in click-through rate (CTR).

  • 28% decrease in cost per click (CPC).

Google Ads:
  • Google Ads CTR increased from 12.84% to 22.35%.

  • Google Ads CTR is now 605% above Google's average.

  • Google Ad Grant account saw a 127% increase in spend and a 44% increase in clicks.

The New York Coalition for Long Term Care Facilities


  • Urgent need for lobbying support to secure additional funding for long-term care facilities in New York.

  • Goal to persuade fifteen key members of the New York State Legislature within a limited timeframe before the state budget finalization.


  • Developed and launched 28 unique ads per legislator within 72 hours.

  • Achieved nearly 1 million impressions across Meta platforms and digital display ads

  • Credited the digital campaign as a key element in securing votes for additional funding in the state budget.

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We work with all types of non-profits, regardless of size or mission.

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